Clean Bali Series


Clean Bali Series is an environmental education organization. We are a not for profit organization that has and continues to publish a series of hard back, full color illustration, children’s environmental books in three languages (Bahasa Indonesia, Balinese and English). The books focus on the pollution problems of the different areas of the island of Bali and of Indonesia as a whole, including beach areas, towns, villages and rural areas, rice fields and mountains.

Clean Bali Series books are distributed free of charge to schools, educational programs and environmental organizations. Additional support and information (environmental programs, book readings, story telling, songs, games, posters etc.) is provided for the schools, educational programs and environmental organizations that receive our books. The books are also available for purchase at various retail shops and bookstores in Bali and Jakarta. ALL PROCEEDS from the retail sales of the books are used to print additional copies of the books in the series to be distributed free of charge together with the distribution of other Clean Bali Series books.


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